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our_team_1The Montessori method of education is a unique form of early education, emphasizes child-led learning and discovery. Montessori is a scientifically founded method of educating children founded on the belief that a child's education should be constructed to develop all aspects of a child: social, emotional, physical and academic. GDIS, is proud to announce that we have completed 10 successful years in the field of imparting Montesori education. We know that the prospective parents, would like to make the right choice about their child's future. After all, choosing an academically strong, yet nurturing environment for the child is one of the most important things that any parent would do.

GDIS strongly believes that every child can benefit from a Montessori education.
Montessori teachers are conduits between their students and the vast world of knowledge and discovery that surrounds them. Their role is to observe students, identifying their needs and responding with appropriate individualized guidance and instruction. In the classroom, the Montessori teacher prepares a rich educational environment designed to create natural opportunities for independence, citizenship, and accountability.



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Certificate in Montessori Teacher Training is a contemporary course tailored for aspiring Montessori teachers planning a career in Montessori teaching. As a Montessori teacher one needs to be a constant guide for children and cultivate the qualities of reticence and restraint.

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