Feedback interaction with us :

Periodic PTMs are facilitated by the school to enable parents meet their child's teachers. If parents must contact the teachers or the management with regards to their child's progress, it can be facilitated.

Arrival and Departure :

The duration of stay at school will be half an hour to an hour only during the initial days based on the child's comfport level. This is done to enable the child settle down smoothly at school. The duartion will be increased in a phased manner approximately by half an hour.
The children are to be brought to school on time; neither early nor late. Punctuality is the firt sign of discipline.
The school is particular of the person(s) who pick and drop the child. The child will be handed over only to authorised person(s). In a situation, where the regular person is unable to make it, the child will be sent on receiving a call at the office or the person who is picking up the child must be accompanied with a letter informing about the same.

Uniform :

On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday – Yellow T- Shirt and Blue shorts, comfortable shoes and socks.
On Wednesday White T- Shirt, Blue – Shorts, comfortable shoes and socks.
No jewelry is allowed.

Absence Message :

If a child is unable to attend school, the same has to be intimated to the school by wasy of a call to the Admin department. In case of laong absence, a letter addressed to the Principal is to be submitted.

Health and Safety :

Children who are unwell must not be sent to school. In a situation, a child becomes sick in school, parents will be notified and are requested to pick up their child. Despite being careful, children might get minor cuts or bruises at school which is taken care of by the staff and reported to the parents. Accidents requiring medical attention will be reported to the parents and the school authorities will work in co-ordination with the parents for the child to receive best medical attention at the earliest.

School Diary :

Circular are modes of communication between parents and teachers. Diaries must be checked regularly and signed whrn circulars are sent.
Change in telephone numbers, address and e-mail ids should be reported to office immediately.