Message by Chairman / Principal

Mr. Srinivasa B.E, M.B.A
Founder Chairperson

Chairman's Message

The core purpose of Green Dot is to build foundation for life by providing children with a learning environment which brings out the best in them. We believe that every child is endowed with a unique set of attributes and abilities, which need to be nurtured so that they blossom. Therefore, every child deserves an education that fosters academic excellence and all-round development, and ensures their well-being. We are inspired by these tenets in everything that we do at Green Dot Montessori School.

Our qualified, caring and committed teachers are our pillars of strength. They teach our children not just with their minds but with their hearts. They make learning enjoyable and rewarding, and imbibe in children the importance of sound values. Our excellent educational programs are complemented by state-of-the art facilities and resources, and our focus on sports and co-curricular opportunities facilitates children's holistic education.

We warmly invite you to explore Green Dot, where the best education to young minds is imparted.

Mrs. Chandana Vikas

Principal's Message

Montessori is an education for independence, preparing not just for school, but for life. - Maria Montessori
Welcome to Green Dot Montessori school, a wonderful place for children from diverse background to explore and strengthen the potential which is innate in every individual.
We believe strongly in the philosophy of Maria Montessori and our approach is characterized by an emphasis on independence freedom within limits, respect for a child’s natural psychological, physical and social development.
We are serving true to our potential to transform the young ones into potential source of knowledge, energy and strength.
A dedicated team of teachers, administrative staff, cooperative parents and management imbued with great vision, form a unified team making endeavours to achieve the above.
I consider myself very fortunate to be a team member of Green dot Montessori school.
I am certain with the support of parents, students and staff the school will reach greater heights in the years to come.

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