Feedback interaction with us :

We will organize PTM periodically so that you are in touch with how your child is doing.
If you have anything to share about your child in between you can always contact us.

Arrival and Departure :

During the first few days of school to help the child to settle as smooth as possible duration of stay in school will be half an hour to one hour only. We will increase the time gradually by approximately ½ an hour.
Please don’t bring your child early or late according to your convenience. Ensure that being punctual helps in discipline.
We are very particular about who picks up the child from the school. We will hand over the child to the authorized person only. If you or the usual person cannot come for any reason send a letter or call the office to inform us about who is coming for pick up.

Uniform :

On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday – Yellow T- Shirt and Blue shorts, comfortable shoes and socks...
On Wednesday White T- Shirt, Blue – Shorts, comfortable shoes and socks.
No jewelry is allowed.

Absence Message :

If your child is not attending the school please call our admin and inform. If you anticipate long absences kindly send a letter accordingly, addressed to the Principal.

Health and Safety :

If your child is not feeling well please don’t send him/her to school.
If your child becomes sick at school you will be notified and you must pick the child immediately.
In spite of being careful minor cuts or bruises might happen which are handled by the school’s staff and will be reported to you by the concerned person.
Accidents requiring medical attention will be reported to you immediately and the management will work with you to get the best medical attention in the shortest possible time.

School Diary :

Circular are modes of communication between parents and teachers. Please check the diaries regularly and sign when circulars are sent.
Change in telephone numbers and address and e-mail ids should be reported to office immediately.